1- What is the minimum amount for payout?

    The minimum payout is 500 INR.

2- How much time does it take to track cashback?

    It usually takes 100 working hours to track.

3- How can I use my earnings i.e. Cashback or Reward?  

    Cashback - 

Cashback can be withdrawn through all available methods i.e. vouchers, Recharge, Wallet and Bank Transfer.

Reward -

Rewards cannot be withdrawn in the Bank because few stores do not allow us to provide cash benefits to users directly. Hence, rewards can be redeemed as vouchers, Recharge and Wallet.

Note : Welcome Bonus Cant be used to Recharge .They can Only be withdrawn with minimum amount Mentioned.

4 - Why does it take so long to Credit the Cashback / Reward?

Store provides commission to us for driving sales to their website and we share that commission with you in the form of cashback / rewards. Hence, we are dependent on stores for many things.
Cashback Process:
  • Clicked (You click through Papacashback)Merchant confirms the purchase within 24-48 hours. Meanwhile, your transaction will be visible to you in your click ID on Papa cashback.
  • Cashback tracks to Pending (8-10 week)Store confirms after completing the return period that:
    1. Order has not been returned, partially returned or cancelled.
    2. Order has met all the conditions for earning cashback
  • Cashback gets Confirmed Real money as a cashback in your Papa Cashback Account

5 -  When and when not  ( CASHBACK) get Tracked?

      # Desktop - If you are visiting papa cashback website, your Shopping Get Tracked as Normal and its shown within mentioned working Hours.

     # Mobile -   1- Download our app and shop as usual. While you are directed to your desired store/merchant you are about to shop with, the store will get opened within the app or will be prompted with options *open with merchant app(if you have merchant app downloaded) or *web Browser.Do not open in Merchant app as some merchant doesn't allow app tracking.

                        2 - If you are directly visiting on the mobile browser just remember not to open the merchant/store app when prompted with option *- open in app / open in Mobile web browser. Always open in Browser.to get your Cashback tracked.